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Made of ground beef infused with hoisin sauce, garlic and ginger

Full of flavor, light and satisfying -rice noodles & greens

The bacon keeps the chicken breast extra juicy

Vodka helps to enhance the flavor of the creamy sauce

Served with a refreshing cucumber and spinach salad

Perfect for a cozy family night dinner

Protein-packed pasta with chicken, pancetta and eggs

Oven baked, simple to make, and worth every minute!

Crunchy sunflower seed on creamy sauce is addicting

Sweet with a little kick and the comfort of rice is pe

A lighter fair that doesn't compromise on flavor

All the benefits of the superfood, Tumeric a hearty curry

We staked our name on this one. Try it to know why it's famous!

Beef stirfry finished with veggies and crispy noodle

Gorgonzola goodness wrapped in mushroom and spinach

This berry and seeds salad changes everything.So good!

Zesty, chicken bites on rice is a sure bet for any dinner.

Creative, balanced, and full of flavour

Cajun, flavourful, and very satsifying

A beautiful dish that is lighter in calo

Made of ground beef infused with hoisin sauce, garlic and ginger

creamy, mushroomy sauce finished with

perfectly seasoned salmon with tomatoes and peppers

Steak, potatoes and a side of v

A vegetarian dish that is Surprisingly delicious!

The perfect non-beef steak dinner. Paired with sauteed asparagus

Pork chops with the perfect creamy mushroom sauce on potatoes

Greek spiced chicken skewers with pita chips and tzatziki

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